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What's a Good Email Open Rate for Your Industry Average?

By Lizzy

Co-Founder + Growth Marketing Expert

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As marketing and sales professionals, we send dozens of emails a day. We’re emailing prospects, customers, leads, partners. Chances you have a hunch about what your open rate is, but do you know how you rank against the rest of your industry?
To use an analogy, imagine a person had only eaten vanilla ice cream his whole life because he didn’t know there were other flavors available. He didn’t know, so he didn’t go seeking them. But he makes a new friend that exposes him to other flavors, chocolate, rocky road, rainbow sherbet, strawberry, and his horizons broaden. His life is changed. Email. Ice cream. It’s the same thing (let’s use our imagination).
Imagine that for the last two years, roughly out of every 10 emails I send, I know 1 person opens my email. A 10% open rate is normal to me now. I’ve tried to optimize my open rate with clever subject lines, but can’t get it any higher.
Then I find out that the new sales rep has been getting a 33% open rate. Hold on. That’s over 3 times my open rate. She might be making 3 times more deals than I am.
All of a sudden, I know I can do even better. There’s a new benchmark to compare myself to and reach for.
What would that mean for your quota if: (1) You realized your open rate is below average and (2) You were given the tools to improve it?
We’ll help you with that.
No matter what industry you’re in, chances are your open rate can be better. HubSpot analyzed data from over 25,000,000 emails across 28 industries and found the average email open rate for all of them.
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