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Truyo - Product Launch - Case Study

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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Truyo (formerly GDPR Edge) is a collaboration between Intel® and IntraEdge to bring scalable privacy rights and SAR automation to the enterprise. Truyo is an Intel® Market Ready Solution.

This case study details the work dmageli media executed within HubSpot Marketing platform to quickly help promote this innovative solution.

The goal: To attract visitors and convert them into contacts and then customers.


We initially created 4 customized HubSpot optimized landing pages with smart fields (progressive profiling in forms) connected to Truyo’s WordPress site.


To drive traffic to these landing pages we promoted a gated content offer for a "WhitePaper" download.

We optimized the exposure of this content on search engines by using topic cluster and did not use any paid ads.

Both offers were promoted with customized CTA’s throughout Truyo’s website as well as within key blog posts within the HubSpot hosted and optimized Blog.


We then implemented a "Request a Demo" conversion landing page. In order to increase conversions, we included both offers within all “thank you” pages.


We also included an automated workflow to alert the sales team of prospects who were ready to get a demo.

PROVEN Results:

Within the first 90 days they had received over 4300 visits and 54 contacts.


PROVEN Results:

"WhitePaper offer" landing page received 165 views with 64 submissions and 48 new contacts in less than a 4 month period.



In the same period for the Bottom Funnel Demo with Custom built HubSpot optimized/smart landing pages. "Request A Demo" page received 114 views with 10 submissions and 9 new contacts


 * Study taken over a Four month period May 2018 - August 2018


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