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Marketing Agency Inbound Reboot - Case Study

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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Q1-Q3 2018 Marketing Agency Inbound Reboot

Case Study - Marketing Agency

A small young local digital marketing agency needed to increase traffic to their wide array of Top, Middle and Bottom funnel content offers to attract and convert visitors into leads.

We started by redesigning the blog with an improved category menu with content offers featuring CTA’s and smart forms.

*We used zero paid ads and shared targeted content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.



sessions 20183160 sessions (345.07% increase over last year)
18 new contact (80% increase over last year)

Blog views& AMP

1132 blog views (449.51% increase over last year)

Landing Page Views

1147 landing page views (448.8% increase from last year)


views to submissionrate

1.81% Views to submissions rate (increase of 92.02% over last year)

Then we redesigned existing landing pages with customized HubSpot optimized landing pages.



leads 2018244 leads & 8 opportunities (112% increase from last year) including 152 from last quarter alone. This produced 8 opportunities and 1 new client.

Lastly, we designed and optimized targeted emails to engage and nurture prospective clients.





73 sent emails (170.37% increase), 35 opened emails (84.21% increase)
and a 32% click rate (6.29% increase and a 51.47% open rate
(7.03% increase)


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