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Is The GDPR good or bad for Content Marketers?

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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If you have been on the internet in the last month you have probably seen a lot more pop up messages on your favorite websites saying alerting you“ We have updated our privacy policy” you have probably also gotten a bunch of emails with similar messaging. What is going on, and why did everyone decide to all of the sudden update their privacy policies all at once? Its because of the GDPR, a new regulation for data privacy and it’s a gift to content marketers according to the content marketing institute. A handful of lawsuits have already been filed against internet giants like Facebook and Google. So is the new regulation good or bad for Content Marketers?




Its clear that "growth hackers" will have to become more innovative and find new ways to collect implicit data. I'm mostly referring apps and extensions that are exploiting available technology to gain private information and data to serve up to paying customers. For example the company datanyze.com analyzes a companies website in order to extract c-level phone numbers, email addresses, etc..., in order to assist sales reps or marketers. Or Contactout.com which allows its users to scan a prospects LinkedIn page to extract their work email address and phone number to send a quick solicitation directly to their inbox or voicemail. It will be interesting to see how this industry adapts to GDPR environment. 

With that being said, most Martech proprietors are actually happy about GDPR because ” Data given, rather than scraped or gathered unwillingly, is simply more valuable as a marketing asset.” (Robert Rose) Top tier marketing firms don’t want to spam their customers or engage anyone who may not be interested. For example in the email marketing realm, there is a high demand for marketers that follow the rules for proper email delivery, list cleanliness and maintenance. 




Becoming a trusted source for your clients is a priceless and long-term strategy. As described by the content marketing institute "Once you do figure out how to institute those (privacy) policies and begin data protection by design and other strategies then you’re in the position to create genuinely trust-based relationships with customers and prospects." Marketers must gather data from visitors and customers, but we can choose to manage it ethical and regulated manner. Ultimately the GDPR will create a better climate for customers and marketers. 

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