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How to Get better Results by Helping, not Selling

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

Fun Fact: Sneakerhead

I have been working in sales since I was a wee lad. I started out selling discount cards on the phone when I was 16 and eventually progressed to B2B sales. I thought I was pretty good until I met Dan Tyre (number 6 employee at HubSpot). Dan has a unique way of making sales more human and taking the awkwardness out of it. He uses a technique where you don't sell at all. Your only goal is to help, creating an open dialogue for a genuine connection between two people. This approach is truly at the apex of the inbound methodology. 

He calls his Sales Prospecting Bootcamp group the "Lions" and when you realize how much courage and skill it takes to call strangers on the phone you realize that it's very appropriately named. 


The goal of the Bootcamp is to make 100 calls. Dan calls them warm connect calls to take away the stigma of the word "cold calls". Dan's method takes away the negativity involved with talking to strangers by doing the give and get. The give and get makes the warm connect call less stressful, because you are giving the prospect some free information to help their business grow. 

Identify and Connect

Take between 3 and 10 minutes to research the company you are targeting and prepare by finding some tips you can give them in a quick connect call. You can also look at their LinkedIn profile to discover title, education and even their personality

Research the prospect's website and look for opportunities and quick ways it could be improved like better title tags, content offers (tofu, mofu, bofu), load speed, blog optimization. Share this information in an effort to get some basic information about what is working or not working for them now. 

Positioning Statement

Your warm connect call positioning statement should be crafted to address the prospects pain followed by a question as to whether it resonated or not. 

Ex: We help startups like you, who are frustrated that they have invested a lot of time and money in their website, but haven't seen the yield of leads and customers that they expected. Does this sound like you?

Many sales marketing professionals will be in this position, but some will not. Be prepared with additional positioning statements if the first fails. Don't give up, you may not have a great connection on every call, but if you keep dialing it will get easier!


This is the part that I really struggle with, with a lifetime of bad habits in sales in my background. I tend to freestyle here, but if you follow Dan's guidelines you will see better results. Cadence refers to the amount of times you call or email a prospect and how many attempts you make.


1. Intro call + email + then wait 2 days

2. Second call + email + wait 3 days

3. Third call + email + wait 2 days

4. Last call + last email 


Stand-up, smile, pause and listen

These things may sound like common sense to you, but they actually help. I have always been an advocate of smiling and listening, but Dan taught me to pause. Pausing is HUGE, when you can sit back and let your prospect talk it will change the whole process. Dan talks a lot about having your prospect do the talking and you can just sit back and listen. After taking detailed notes about your prospect's pain points and roadblocks in order to offer some help based on your expertise. At this point you are on your way to developing a relationship with your new prospect. 



It turns out the Lions Bootcamp works! Both my partner and I booked more appointments during March/May and Jan/March, when we were in the 8 week program.

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