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Driving Results with Sales and Marketing Alignment

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

Fun Fact: Sneakerhead

How often do you hit your sales goals? Are your sales goals clear? Do you know what your team has to do to hit sales goals?

If you would like to know how to hit your Sales quotas more consistently, we can help! We work with businesses which have set goals that have to be met, so we cant leave any room for missed opportunities. How do we ensure that our goals are met? One of the ways that we make sure to maximize our efforts is with sales and marketing alignment.  

Sales and Marketing have different roles in every organization, but the their goals are the same right? The answer is Yes, and No, the reason you could argue for No, is because sometimes marketing is a bit disconnected from the sales process directly. We fix this problem by keeping both teams talking. 

We want to develop a standard for how many visits, leads and conversions it takes to make our revenue goals. Therefore, then we can understand how much marketing we have to do to reach our revenue goals. 

We do this by Organizing, Optimizing, Aligning and Transforming the sales and marketing experience. We call it "smarketing". It works great, but its not easy. 

analysis of your sales and marketing
Getting Started: Questions to ask Your Team

Do we have ideal buyer profiles and personas? Are they accurate and useful? Do our sales people know what they are? Do they actually use them? How often are they updated? Do we use them for our positioning statements?

What are the roadblocks that are preventing us from making our sales goals? Are our sales reps maximizing their time? What can we do to increase productivity? Are our sales reps using their tools correctly?

What are the consequences of not taking action? What are the consequences of not making our goals? How does it effect us? What metrics can we improve to make our goals?

Once Sales and Marketing are on the same page, how can we ensure that everyone continues to use these new tools and procedures? Do we need recurring training for both teams? How do we make sure that the teams continue to drink the kool aid? How do we train and recruit the right candidates going forward?

We then develop goals, if we don't have solid SMART goals, this is the first step. These goals are not stretch goals, they are hard and fast and have to be met. If we always hit our sales goals, but not revenue goals we can feel a little better about our efforts.


Organizing our Sales and Marketing efforts is as easy as, CRM cleanup and data migration, defining Deal stages, building custom views and reports for Reps and Lead routing/ Lead scoring.

Organize - Lead Scoring 

We optimize by creating and optimizing email templates, creating and optimizing email sequences, workflows, automating meeting links and implementing the messaging app.

This can be as simple as defining MQL's (marketing qualified lead) and SQL's (sales qualified lead) and having a agreed definition of Buyer Profiles and Buyer Personas.Align Sales + Marketing

The most crucial part of Sales and Marketing alignment is holding both teams accountable. Some organizations will have a learning curve and experience some growing pains. Sales and Management training as well as candidate sourcing and interviewing will ensure the reps are fully aware of the proper performance standards and procedures.