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Are your Sales and Marketing Teams talking to each other?

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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Many sales and marketing teams when asked the question "Are your sales and marketing teams aligned?" will say "yes, of course", but what we have found is that in most cases its not really true. Nine times out of ten, when pushed a little further the answer is "no, not really". 




Don't worry, its normal, most sales teams are disconnected from the marketing team and vice versa. This has a lot to do with personality and culture. Sales people are much different than Marketers in many ways, but those companies bridging the gap will be able to see a much bigger ROI, and here is why.

91% of companies over 10 employees use a CRM, but 40% of the sales reps use spreadsheets or their inbox to store lead and customer data.

Sales reps spend 66% of their time doing things other than talking to prospects.

52% of marketers say that they provide good leads to their sales team whereas most sales reps rank marketing leads as the worst leads.

Lastly, the average turnover for a sales rep is 25% and many organizations is much higher.

These stats prove that their is some huge room for improvement in the sales and marketing relationship. By organizing, optimizing, aligning and transforming
your sales and marketing efforts you can see a dramatic increase in sale and
marketing investment. 




As you know most companies over 10 employees utilize a CRM to keep track of their customers. A good place to start to figure out if your sales and marketing teams are aligned is by scheduling a time to review your portal. We recommend getting the Free version of HubSpot's CRM and trying some of the features to see if it might work for your team. 

CRM Portal Review and Cleanup, 
Lead Routing, Define Deal Stages, Process Audit, Build Custom Views and Reports

We particularly like the email tracking and logging feature, the meetings link and call recording. If you are a sales manager or director, you probably have had the feeling that opportunities are falling through the cracks. The email feature alone makes it worth getting a paid sales pro account, in order to track and monitor email opens and clicks in order to allow your sales reps to know when to call a prospect. 

Email Template Creation and Optimization, Sequences Creation, Prospect Fit Matrix, Meeting Links Setup, Implement Messages App

Here is where the magic happens. When you begin to understand the buyer persona's as a sales rep, you can really begin to see marketing and sales alignment. Once marketing and sales agree on what a MQL (marketing qualified lead) is versus and SQL (sales qualified lead) you will really start to make progress. Combine these with lead scoring, lead stages, goal setting and SLA development and you will truly begin to transform your sales and marketing efforts. 

Goal Setting, Buyer Profile and Persona Development, Define MQL’s and SQL’s, Define Lead Stages, Lead Scoring and SLA Development

Sales training can be fun and challenging, but it is an important part of the cycle. When you can hold your reps accountable and make them see the benefits of using the functions of a truly "modern" CRM they will realize that it really does make their life easier. We like to share the leader-board weekly in order to create a competitive environment.

Candidate Sourcing, Interviewing, Inbound Sales Training and Coaching,
Tracking PIP’s