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7 Email Workflows to Fuel Growth

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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Email workflows and internal processes workflows will fuel your inbound marketing efforts. A workflow is a series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a contact's behaviors. It is hard to imagine an inbound methodology not including an automation aspect for your sales funnel. Be sure to set a goal for each workflow in order to measure its success.


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All companies have contacts in their database that are dormant, by not engaging these contacts you may be missing out on major opportunities to convert these potential buyers. Common examples are, when a contact gets added to a list, submits a form on your website or clicks a link in an email. Here are some of the types of workflows you can try.


Topic based workflow 

Create a workflow for each of the industry-related topics you create content about. A specific workflow can be triggered when a "sales manager" fills out a form for a free webinar about "lead generation", or viewed your "pricing" page "3 times". Tailored content that speaks to a specific role player will increase engagement opportunities and conversions. In addition to landing pages and forms, lead capture add-ons like lead flows can substantially increase your lead generation. 




New customer welcome workflow 

Welcoming a new customer offers a variety of options for triggered Emails. Depending on what page they converted on will determine the next workflow action. If the prospect converted on an eBook offer, the emails will be in a specific sequence. 

Example: >> Filled out form >> Received confirmation e-mail >> Received welcome email >> Segmented based on each interaction

You can also use workflows when existing contacts complete an action to further move them through the buying process. If you have content specific to each part of the sales funnel, you can send an email in order to get them closer to buying. You don't want to be too aggressive here, you can build a delay between each marketing email after that and create branch logic to send different content based on whether the Email was opened, clicked or not. 


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Blog sign up welcome workflow

Inbound customers will be attracted to your website's high quality content and will want more. After a prospect or contact subscribes to your blog, the lead will then be nurtured through a series of tailored Emails to fit the buyers journey. Again, the key will be to create workflow conditions based on their interaction with your content. If the contact in engaged with your content you can also add triggers for a sales rep to reach out and schedule a demo or connect call.


Create a great customer workflow

Why not create custom extra special workflows for certain customers whom are engaging regularly and maybe even promoting your product. Make sure to include social sharing options strategically placed in the Email. 


Abandoned shopping cart workflow

On the other hand, if you have prospects that don't complete the conversion process, its very important to understand why? Did the shopping cart time out? You can use heat maps with Hotjar to investigate, but the workflow here should be service based, and apologetic. If the customer abandons their purchase or conversion, you need to make an effort to correct any potential errors immediately. The abandonment workflows include multiple Emails to offer help and troubleshoot. A first Email goes out within an hour, another after 5 hours, after that its unlikely to save the conversion.


Up-sell or Cross-sell workflow

You can use also workflows as digital sales reps, they can up-sell and cross-sell.  A workflow can offer popular add-ons or upgrades based on an initial purchase, or interaction. Workflows don't stop when lead becomes a customer, you can even use them to get valuable feedback with surveys or reviews. Pro-tip for these type of workflows is to also have an internal workflow to alert a sales rep if the customer opens or clicks on a targeted bottom funnel email. 


Deal Creation Workflow

In order to save your sales reps time, you can automate a deal creation. This helps sales reps to automate and streamline their process. For example you can create a workflow to place a contact in an open deal status if the contact schedules a meeting.

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