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4 Quick Impact CRM Tools for Sales and Marketing Alignment

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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In our experience Sales and Marketing departments need to have shared strategies and goals. Sales and Marketing alignment will get your team in front of more qualified buyers. We wanted to share the top tools that we use and find most useful for our teams with their overall efforts. 




Documenting our sales rep's calls and emails will not only track team performance, but will also allow sales coaching and mentoring to be done more efficiently. A modern CRM like HubSpot has the ability to sync with your smart device to record phone calls, making it easy to use and adapt to.

We can track performance within the tool and measure key deliverables. Our sales reps are rewarded with a higher amount of qualified potential customers. There will be no surprise as to how well or how poorly each rep has performed, as they can track it themselves throughout the month.

Our favorite function of this tool is the ability to empower your team to have the knowledge of when a prospect opens an email, in order to know when to place a follow up call. 





Tracking where our customers are within their buyers journey. If Sales and Marketing can agree about the sales process, we will get more qualified customers. With Lifecycle Stages we can mark a prospect as a lead, opportunity, a MQL (Marketing Qualified) or an SQL (Sales Qualified). When a Lead becomes an SQL, it is time to reach out and make contact because we know that this person is a good fit and has met certain criteria as determined by both Sales and Marketing. Our favorite function of this tool is to be able to go into your CRM at any moment and know where a contact is within their buying process. 




Tracking how close a prospect is to buying allows us to know what a prospect will need to do before becoming qualified to purchase. Moving your prospects through deal stages makes it easier to prioritize and monitor each prospect in real time. 


As you can see below, the following Deals are progressing through the buyers journey in order to monitor each deal in real time. As a business owner or manager, it is easy to see what your team is doing and what is projected in the pipeline. Our favorite function of this tool is the ability to forecast Deals as they move through the pipeline. 

Sales Report 1-1


Lead scoring allows your team to add positive or negative attributes to a lead in order to prioritize them. We can get really detailed here, or keep it simple, but getting some type of lead scoring in place will definitely save your reps time by not talking to bad fit or unqualified prospects. The prospects that have the highest lead score will be the first contacted. Again, we need to ensure that Marketing and Sales agree on the lead scoring criteria.



Essentially when a lead reaches a certain score they are ready to buy, if we have an effective lead scoring system. We recommend doing manual lead scoring as apposed to predictive in the beginning. Our favorite function of this tool is the ability to consistently have changing scores based on the prospects actions and create a clear definition for good fit customers.