4 Quick Impact CRM Tools for Sales and Marketing Alignment

In our experience Sales and Marketing departments need to have shared strategies and goals. Sales and Marketing alignment will get your team in front of more qualified buyers. We wanted to share the top tools that we use and find most useful for our teams with their overall efforts. 

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Is a Website Redesign the Best way to Grow your Business Online?

Traditional Web Design is dead, Growth Driven Design is the evolution of web design. Implementing a successful "GDD" strategy can dramatically increase revenue and completely transform your website's overall deliverable results. Here are some of the reasons many top agencies are transitioning to a more "user experience" based strategy to build and develop their websites.


Large Up-Front Cost

Large Up-Front Cost:

The average small to medium-sized business website costs anywhere between $15,000 - $80,000 up-front. The website requires the full payment before going live.

Large Time & Resource Commitment:

The average website takes three months to complete and requires a great deal of resources and energy from your team.

Nothing Set in Stone:

Large projects can fluctuate in cost and time, which makes accurate quotes difficult. Project delays and increased budgets happen sometimes.


No Prototype:

The Traditional method launches a website that should succeed in theory. However, this method lacks a “trial and error” run with viewers. Trial and error helps determine what works for viewers and what does not, which is beneficial in the design process.

After launch, a website has no major updates for 1.5 to 2 years. Some small updates or improvements may happen, along with adding blogs or landing pages to the site, but the vast majority of the site remains untouched.

How to get started with Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Audit website:

Get an idea of what pages on your website are High, medium and low performing. This way you will get a better idea of where to spend time and energy.

Create a wishlist:

A wishlist is a list of all the major items or functions that you want to add to your website, these should be directly tied into revenue goals via a your focus metric.

Define a buyers journey:

The way people use the internet has changed, buyers don’t want to be prospected, or demoed, or closed. These steps add zero value to the buyer. Buyers are looking for additional information about your product that can’t be found online.

Create a launchpad website:

A launchpad website is a quickly launched fully operational website. What makes a launchpad website better than a traditional website is that, nothing is changed, added or deleted without a specific focus metric in mind.


Analyze and optimize user experience:

By using heat-maps you can identify clicks on parts of a page that are not actually links, CTA performance, highest impact page performance and smart forms determine what are the most impactful changes to make in order to move the focus metric in the right direction.

Optimizely Click map exampleIf you would like to start right away, and want to learn more about how to transform traditional web design into something more profitable for you and your clients click the link below to get your free checklist.How to start growth driven design 

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