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4 Reasons Growth Driven Design is right for your Website

By Randy Malmquist

COO & Partner + Growth Marketing Expert

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In 2018 many industry leaders will be talking about a new data driven, quantifiable web design approach called Growth Driven Design. (GDD) is the evolution of web design. Here are 4 reasons growth driven design is right for your website.

1. Large Up-Front Cost: The average small to medium-sized business (SMB) website costs anywhere between $15,000 - $80,000 up-front. The website requires the full payment before going live. A GDD strategy can be started quickly, once your launchpad website has been launched, you can start collecting user data and making slight adjustments based on actual user feedback.

2. Large Time & Resource Commitment: The average SMB website takes 3 months to complete and requires a great deal of resources and energy from your team. GDD allows you to start quickly, changing the whole dynamic of the process and only making those changes that will have the biggest impact right away.

3. Not Set in Stone: Large projects can fluctuate in cost and time, which makes accurate quotes difficult. Project delays and increased budgets happen often. GDD is managed with small groups called "pods", these pods allow each group to focus on specific data driven techniques in order to quickly make an impact on your best performing pages. 

4. No Prototype: The Traditional method launches a website that should succeed in theory. However, this method lacks a “trial and error” run with viewers. Trial and error helps determine what works for viewers and what does not, which is beneficial in the design process. GDD is all about trial and error, by focusing on the most important pages on your website, GDD allows you to make a bigger impact much faster. 

If you want to learn more click on the link below to get the Growth Driven Design Checklist, after you check off all the items on this list, you will be ready to start GDD for your website!

How to start growth driven design